What uses does castor of different material have?

What uses does castor of different material have?


There are mainly about four kinds of material for making caster now in the market. Such as Artificial rubber, rubber,Nylon and Polyurethane .

A. Artificial rubber casters due to the low cost of artificial rubber, special plastic material processing, inherited the elastic rubber casters, and water resistance, strong cold resistance, high temperature and other extreme conditions can be used normally, so it is also a casters in the use of a wide range of uses, with high industry prospects.

B. Rubber casters as a more frequent use, due to the special material of rubber, its own elasticity, good skid resistance, and the ground friction coefficient is relatively high characteristics, so in the transport of goods can be stable, safe movement, so it has a wide range of indoor and outdoor use.

C. Nylon casters not only have good heat resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics, their weight is relatively light, easy to carry, more and more in the transport industry, or aviation industry.

D. Polyurethane casters due to the resistance of polyurethane, sewage resistance and other characteristics are better, so it is more used in environmental protection, dust-free industry, polyurethane friction coefficient on the ground is relatively small, so in the use of low noise coefficient, has become the first choice of many environmental protection industry.